Learning Spaces


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We believe that laying a strong foundation at the Pre-Primary level is key to better performance at the Primary level and throughout life. Keeping the very young learners in mind, the school has designed a child-centric curriculum that equips them with all the necessary skills in the areas of Language, Math, Drawing, etc.

A separate academic block is developed for our little stars to help them learn in friendly and free from stress environment away from the hustle and bustle of the senior block. Keeping the tiny tots' comfort in mind even the furniture and toilets have been designed to cater to their needs.

The very young learners are provided with a bright and colourful library, play areas, art & craft room, Mont Lab and activity rooms where they can explore themselves to the fullest!

Junior Block

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The Junior block is equipped with all the facilities like a separate Play area, Classrooms, Library, Dance & Music room, Arts & Craft room, Audio-Visual room and Mess etc., that help the blooming buds to learn in their own natural style and develop a keen sense of the basics of life which would help them grow as intelligent individuals.

In these early years, every day is an opportunity for astounding growth. Safe to explore, each child is taught in nurturing and inspiring purposely-built learning spaces by dedicated and highly qualified and trained teachers who support every aspect of your child’s learning. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure we want to see your child to have fun, be happy, safe and secure at all times.

Senior Block

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The senior block of the school is equipped with all the amenities required to develop our senior students. Smart Classrooms, Library, Language lab, Computer lab, Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology labs) Social Science lab, Math lab, Robotic lab and Sports Complex are the amenities provided to the students to foster overall development. The classrooms are well equipped with the ICT (Information Computer and Technology) facilities and resources for day-to-day learning.

The senior block too has a sprawling campus with all the ultra modern academic and sporting facilities that give more than sufficient space for every student to develop physically & mentally and quench their thirst to inquire and research .



At MIS, the contribution of each child is encouraged and valued in a warm and positive leap rning environment. Students participate in a wide range of activities covering speech, movement, dance drama, spontaneous improvisation, snippets, dialogue delivery and mini scripts.

At the centre of the school building is a unique Amphitheatre with large performance stage, surrounded by ascending seats. Children gather here for morning assembly and for various cultural competitions which gives them scope to showcase their talents, creativity and gain confidence.


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MIS is a wonderful place to live in; an ideal home away from home. Living in campus at MIS is certainly a unique experience. The school offers boarding facility for the boys only. For many children, coming to the hostel means living away from home for the first time. Keeping the fact in mind, the school has laid a lot of emphasis in creating warm, welcoming, invigorating and home-like atmosphere in our hostel. MIS boarding provides a secure caring environment where every student is treated with utmost care. The boarding house at MIS is staffed by experienced House staff with the boarding houses rapidly becoming a happy home from-home and fellow boarders becoming an extended family.

The dormitories and rooms in the boarding house are spacious, well-ventilated, and well-lit. Our firm belief lies in nurturing healthy minds. With the right ambience and surrounding of our school, we aim to provide students with expert guidance to shape a better future and a better tomorrow.


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A treasure trove and storehouse of knowledge, a library is a place to learn, think and share ideas. MIS has a well-furnished library which is well ventilated with good lighting and spacious reading hall, managed by a qualified librarian.

MIS Library has an architecture that is inspirational and conducive to learning. Apart from the numerous books, in order to fire Medi-Captains' imagination, e-library has been incorporated, so that a world of knowledge is readily available to the students.

At Medi-Caps, we aim to bring back the joy of reading.


Science Labs

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The belief that Nobel laureates are not created in huge research facilities, but in the humble school labs, lead to the creation of hi-tech science labs at MIS. Science is different from any other subject. In order to understand its concepts, one has to look beyond the books and conventional classroom teaching, this is where the labs come in. It is imperative for the school to get all updated equipments so that students get to explore, experiment and form their own conclusions and that's what MIS aims at.

Spacious and well-equipped Science laboratories at MIS, stimulate the interest in the minds of children to search and explore new horizons in the field of science. Safety of every child while handling the chemicals and instruments is duly taken care of, by qualified and experienced lab in-charge.

Language Lab


Language Lab, a unique feature to enhance communication skills, spoken English and foreign languages, sets our school apart from other schools and gives our students an edge over others. Lab aims at facilitating the learning of second language and hones the fundamental skills of English language i.e. listening and speaking skills.

The emphasis is laid on learning the nuances of pronunciations, stress patterns, intonation and accent to endow students with such accomplishments as would augment their oratory skills and confidence to confront interviews and group discussions for various jobs and higher studies.

Computer Lab


To keep our wizards abreast with the latest technology, MIS has developed two computer lab. All the equipments in the labs are upgraded with multimedia facilities. An online network of workstations makes learning fast and convenient for students.

Each student is given an opportunity to work on a single system. Dedicated and competent staff takes pleasure in imparting computer knowledge and to train the children to use the computers so that they become techno-savvy.

Math Lab


We at MIS, use the modern techniques of teaching Mathematics. We have a well-equipped Math lab with instruments like algebra kit to explain various algebraic identities, number kit, money kit, fractional kit, integer kit, decimal kit and clocks to explain the various concepts of arithmetic. Even abacus is used to make calculations easy. The lab enables the teacher to demonstrate and explain mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs and pictures.

Through these multiple teaching and learning aids the students explore mathematical concepts and verify facts and theorems through a variety of activities. This builds student’s interest and confidence in the subject.


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It is a famous saying "Healthy mind lives in a healthy body". Undoubtedly healthy body cannot be expected if the diet one takes isn’t nutritious. A wholesome, nutritious and balanced diet is provided to meet the needs of healthy growing child. We serve pure vegetarian food which contains the aroma of homemade food.

The school has a modern scientifically designed dining facility comprising of a well-equipped and spacious kitchen, dining hall and an R.O drinking water plant. Experienced catering professionals are responsible for the facility. Staff members dine along with the children, so do all visitors and parents (with prior appointments). Menus are drawn up in consultation with the students to ensure that the children enjoy their food.


The school has a broad and well-knit transport system and operates round the city. We take utmost care of the safety and comfort of the children. The buses carry an efficient driver and a trained conductor supported by mobile phones. Our drivers are trained for safe driving and bus attendants are trained for student-friendly behavior. Additionally, a female teacher and support staff accompany the children on all bus routes.

Speed governors are fitted in all buses to avoid over-speeding and the drivers maintain the prescribed speed limit. All our buses are equipped with CCTV cameras for continuous surveillance.  Hi-tech GPS enables proper monitoring of buses. You can check the status and position of the bus just by installing a small app in your mobile phone. The routes and timing of the entire fleet of buses are monitored by the Transport In-charge.



We are very concerned about the safety and security of all our Medi-Captains which cannot be compromised at any cost. The safety protocol is always adhered to. To ensure safety of children in the school, more than 150 CCTV cameras have been installed in the school premises as well as on the buses.

All the support staff members are verified and well trained to ensure safety of the students. Fire safety workshop and Evacuation drills etc. are conducted on a regular basis to ensure the school’s readiness for any emergency situation like fire breakout or an earthquake.